Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | April 6, 2014

Cycle Log: Intensity Phase 2014 – Week 13

Week 13 is the first week of the fifth and final mesocycle of my Intensity Phase for the 2014 racing season (click here for a detailed description of macrocycles, mesocycles and microcycles). Here are my workouts for the week of March 31 through April 6, 2014 (click here to download my Intensity Phase training plan):

  • Monday, March 31 – Hill Intervals (1.5)
  • Tuesday, April 1 – Active Recovery (1.0)
  • Thursday, April 3 – Steady Spinning (1.25)
  • Saturday, April 5 – Tour de Mesa (3.25)

I had an awesome week with two great rides.  The first took place on Monday, when I did a Hill Intervals workout on my time trial bike. I did 3 x 8:00 intervals at an average power of 242 watts for the three hard efforts (1,324 feet of climbing). That’s one of my highest power outputs to date. What’s interesting is my average heart rate was only in Zone 3 during the hard efforts. I could have ridden even harder! The big event took place on Saturday at the Tour de Mesa, which is a 70 mile Citizen’s ride. I had a fantastic time riding this fully supported event. It is really great when you get to ride through all of the stop signs and red lights as the police have the entire course marshaled. My finishing time was 3:18:34, which is about 21 mph on a course with more than 2,600 feet of climbing. I finished 319 out of 1,041 total riders. Not too bad. The organizers did an absolutely fantastic job putting on this event. Thanks for all of your hard work! I have some hard riding this week as well. As always, I’ll let you know how it goes. Have a great week!

NEXT POST – April 13, 2014

Cycle Log: Intensity Phase 2014 – Week 14


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