Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | May 8, 2013

My Endurance Phase II Training Plan

As a competitive athlete, you will often encounter roadblocks to your success. One of those roadblocks is your workload. In recent months, my Holmes Fitness Coaching business has taken off and I have been extremely busy, which has reduced my available training time (of course that’s not all bad). That reduced training time is reflected in my Endurance Phase II training plan. I have reduced my workout frequency from 5 to 4 days per week. This will also reduce my overall volume; however, I still get in some excellent training so I don’t think my performance will be negatively affected in the long run. Here are a few specifics:

  • The primary goal of this training plan is to improve my aerobic and muscular endurance. I also want to enhance my neuromuscular coordination (the ability to pedal a high cadence).
  • The training plan consists of three, 21-day mesocycles and uses a 16/5 training pattern (16 days of relatively hard training followed by 5 days of recovery).
  • Volume increases slowly from the first mesocycle to the last.
  • There is relatively little high-intensity training. I’ll increase that in the next training plan as I prepare for the championship events we have in September.

Click here to review my Endurance Phase II training plan.

NEXT POST – May 12, 2013                                                   

Cycle Log: Endurance Phase II – Week 2


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