Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | April 18, 2012

2012 Competition Phase I Training Plan

The race season here in Arizona is well underway.  For me, it began in late-January but won’t end until late-September.  That’s a long season so I have to seriously consider the training I will do during the competition phase of my periodized training regimen.  My primary goal for this phase is to improve my lactate threshold heart rate and functional threshold power.  I also want to improve my neuromuscular coordination (the ability to spin a very high cadence).  Perhaps most significantly, I want to peak in September for the championship events, which has proven difficult for me to do here in Arizona because I get worn out from the heat.

Because the competition phase lasts for so long, I have divided it into two parts. Competition Phase I consists of four, 21-day mesocycles and uses a 16/5 training pattern (16 days of relatively hard training followed by 5 days of recovery).  The recovery is important because I will be doing a great deal of high-intensity training in extremely hot conditions.  The program maintains a frequency of 5 days of training per week throughout all four mesocycles (4 days during recovery weeks). This also helps ensure I get adequate rest.

There are 4 high-intensity workouts or races during each mesocycle (in previous seasons, I have done 5-6 high-intensity workouts per mesocycle but I am reducing the number with the hope of staying strong throughout the summer).  There is also a long Tempo ride and/or Hill Climb up a mountain pass in all but one mesocycle.  Because I have already completed my endurance phase training, there are relatively few Steady Spinning (i.e., Zone 2) workouts.   I will also take a full week of recovery the week of June 11, 2012.

Click here to download my 2012 Competition Phase I Training Plan.

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