Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | January 1, 2012

Cycle Log: Endurance Phase Week 12

Week 12 is the third week of the fourth mesocycle of my Endurance Phase (click here for a detailed description of macrocyles, mesocycles and microcycles), which means it is a recovery week. Here are the actual workouts with the plan for the week of December 26 to January 1, 2012 (click here to download my plan for the Endurance Phase).

Week of 12/26/11 Mon Tues Wed Th Fri Sat Sun Total
Goal 1.5 FT OFF 0.75 AR 0.75 AR OFF 0.75 AR 0.75 AR 4.5
Actual 1.0 FT OFF 1.25 HCR OFF OFF 1.25 HCR OFF 3.5


Happy New Year! I hope you are enjoying a prosperous opening to 2012. I rode 3 times this week. The most significant was Monday’s field test on my indoor trainer. It is very clear that I am well ahead of where I was at this time last year and it is not even close! I went out-of-town to celebrate the holidays but I got in two High Cadence Recovery workouts on a stationary bike. I have decided to begin my Intensity Phase training this week instead of doing the last mesocycle of my endurance phase. My aerobic and muscular endurance are very good and I am ready for some serious high-intensity training. My first race is 4 weeks from today! Have a great week!

NEXT POST – January 5, 2012

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