Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | December 29, 2011

Five Reasons to Ride with a Power Meter: #2 – Accurate Goal Measurement

The second benefit of using a power meter is that it makes it easier to determine if you have achieved your goals for a workout, race, mesocycle, race season or calendar year. For example, if you are performing a series of 10-minute intervals and your goal is to maintain an average power of 250 watts, it will be clear whether you have achieved this goal. No matter the conditions or terrain, you have either maintained an average power of 250 watts for each interval or you have not. There is no ambiguity. Likewise, if you want to compare your training load from one mesocycle to the next, you can review your Training Stress Score (a composite number that uses the duration and intensity of each workout or race to arrive at an estimate of overall training load) for each mesocycle to clearly determine the amount of work you are performing for a given time period. Once again, there is no ambiguity. That is the beauty of training and racing with a power meter. You get consistent, accurate data from one workout to the next regardless of intervening variables such as air temperature, terrain, wind speed, and hydration level.

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