Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | December 20, 2011

Five Reasons to Ride with a Power Meter: #1 – Extensive Information

Riding with a power meter can provide a significant performance boost for cyclists and multisport athletes.  Among other things, it provides you with a true indication of your rate of work and allows you to measure specific performance changes more accurately than any other method.  In the coming weeks, I will describe 5 reasons to train and race with a power meter.  I will also describe the concepts you need to understand to use a power meter more effectively (e.g., functional threshold power, critical power, normalized power, training load, training stress score and intensity factor). 

The first benefit of using a power meter is that it provides you with extensive information about every ride you take.  This includes common information such as distance, cadence and miles per hour.  It also includes more sophisticated information such as average power for various segments of the ride (measured in watts), time spent in your power-based training zones, time spent at various cadences, the amount of work you did on the ride (measured in kilojoules), the relative intensity of the ride, and much, much more.  You can use this information to better understand your strengths and weaknesses as a cyclist, and to develop training specifically designed to enhance those weaknesses.

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