Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | September 17, 2011

10 Mistakes Athletes Make When Developing a Training Plan

A well-developed training plan can improve your athletic performance by clarifying the steps you must take to enhance key physiological abilities such as aerobic endurance, lactate threshold and anaerobic capacity. Unfortunately, there are 10 common mistakes athletes make when it comes to developing their training plans:

  1. Not honestly evaluating past performance
  2. Failing to set SMART goals
  3. Failing to use both outcome and process goals
  4. Setting goals too high or too low
  5. Not modifying goals when necessary
  6. Failing to consistently assess plan effectiveness
  7. Failing to build adequate recovery into the plan
  8. Being a slave to your training regimen
  9. Failing to connect the training plan to the key physiological abilities
  10. Failing to periodize the training plan

I will discuss each of these mistakes in greater detail in upcoming posts.

NEXT POST – September 18, 2011

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