Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | March 13, 2011

Cycle Log: Intensity Phase Week 8

Week 8 is the second week of the third mesocycle of my Intensity Phase (click here for a detailed description of macrocyles, mesocycles and microcycles).  Here are the actual workouts with the plan for the week of March 7 to 13, 2011 (click here to download my plan for the Intensity Phase).

Week of 3/7/11 Mon Tues Wed Th Fri Sat Sun Total
Goal 2.5 HC 1.0 AR OFF 1.75 TT 1.0 AR 1.25 VO2/SI:L OFF 7.5
Actual 2.25 HC 1.0 AR OFF 2.0 TT 1.0 AR 1.25 VO2/SI:L OFF 7.5


This may have been my best week of training this year.  I am definitely getting stronger.  I did a Hill Climb workout on South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ in dangerously windy conditions (25+ mph) for a total of 2,500+ feet of climbing during my 2 ascents of the mountain (my 2 fastest climbs this year).  I had a very good Time Trial Intervals workout but I was missing a gear because of slight muscle fatigue.  I couldn’t hold my power at recent levels but I did perform 4 x 8:00 intervals with 4 minutes of recovery between each hard effort.  My average power for 32 minutes was 230 watts.  My best workout of the week was Saturday’s VO2 Max and Sprint Intervals: Long.  I was very strong and did 5 x 3:00 VO2 Max intervals with 3 minutes of recovery between hard efforts.  I followed this with 5 x 1:00 sprint intervals with 2 minutes of recovery.  I have a recovery week coming up but I start with another Field Test.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Have a great week!

NEXT POST – March 17, 2011

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