Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | December 2, 2010

Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: Tip #13 – Select One ‘Bad Eating’ Day a Week

It can be very difficult to eliminate or even reduce your favorite “bad” foods.  Try selecting one day a week where you will indulge yourself.  On this day, you get to eat the cakes, candies, cookies etc. that you avoid during the week.  Make sure you choose the same day each week and select a day where it is already hard to eat well (e.g., a day where you meet friends out for dinner).  Also, be mindful that even a single poor day of eating can initiate a string of bad eating days.  So make sure your day of indulgence precedes a day where you are likely to return to your good eating habits.  For example, as a cyclist, my long ride usually takes place on Monday and is a virtual guarantee that I will eat well on that day.  So I often indulge on Sunday knowing I will burn off those extra calories the next day, and successfully return to my good eating habits.

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