Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | July 20, 2010

Cycling Performance Tip #23 – Learn How to Fix a Flat Tire

One of the most useful skills you can develop as a cyclist or triathlete is the ability to fix a flat tire.  Sooner or later, you will get a flat and unless you don’t mind being stranded 10 miles from home, you better be able to fix it!  The good news is that changing a flat is a relatively simple process.  With a little practice, you will quickly become proficient at it.  I could write detailed instructions for you, but a picture is worth a thousand words and I think you will find it more helpful to view instructional videos on the topic.  I have identified three you should find quite useful.  Each describes how to change and/or repair a flat tire.  I suggest you take a look at all three because they provide slightly different perspectives and by viewing all of them, you should develop a good understanding of the most important steps when it comes to fixing a flat:    

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