Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | June 29, 2010

Cycling Performance Tip #21 – Use a Cycle Computer

This tip will probably not come as a surprise since most avid cyclists use some form of bike computer to assist with their training and racing.  Using a cycle computer can improve your performance because it will provide you with very useful data you can use to effectively managing your training.  For example, the most basic bike computer provides you with trip distance, which is vital if you are trying to increase the distance of your long ride each week.  A computer that collects heart rate information will let you know how hard you are working at various points during a training ride.  Even the most casual cyclists will find a computer helpful.  A standard bike computer will provide ride information such as cadence, current speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance and ride time.  Models that provide this basic level of information can be purchased for less than $100.  More advanced (and expensive) models will provide additional information such as average and maximum heart rate, and time spent in target heart rate training zones.  If you use a power meter, the computer will provide data such as average watts, maximum watts and kilojoules (a measure of energy expenditure).  Top cycle computers provide more extensive information such as altitude, temperature and GPS data for mapping routes.  However, models such as these will typically cost hundreds of dollars.  Although it is possible to compete at a high level without a bike computer, I don’t recommend it. 

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