Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | June 25, 2010

Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: Tip #1 – Review Your Weight Loss History

So, you want to lose weight.  You’re not alone.  In a previous post, I mentioned that on any given day, there are millions of Americans on a diet and even more who want to lose weight.  Many of us struggle with our weight, so my goal is to provide you with steps you can take to make the weight management process a little easier.  My first suggestion is to take a look at your weight loss history.  Chances are, this is not the first time you’ve wanted to drop a few pounds.  Have you tried to lose weight in the past?  If so, what were the results?  Did you have any success?  Many of us are yo-yo dieters.  We go on a diet, lose a significant amount of weight, go off the diet and gain the weight back (this is one of the primary reasons diets are a bad idea).   However, if you have lost weight in the past, there may be some helpful lessons that you can apply to your current weight management efforts.  To review your weight loss history, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How long have I been struggling with my weight?
  2. Have I been successful at losing weight before?  If so, what did I do that was helpful?
  3. Have I ever lost weight AND kept it off for a significant period of time?  What allowed me to be successful?
  4. What is going on in my life when I gain weight?  Can I control any of these factors?
  5. Bottom line, what’s the primary cause of my weight problem (beyond taking in more calories than you are expending – we already know that)?

Consider your answers to these questions.  They will help you apply the tips I describe throughout this “Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting” series.

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