Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | May 13, 2010

Cycling Performance Tip #14: Wear a Helmet at All Times!

A bike helmet is your second most important piece of equipment after the bicycle. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost nearly as much as a bike.  Unfortunately, too many cyclists fail to wear one.  I’m only going to say this once.  You must wear a helmet every time you get on a bike for both safety reasons and because it is required to participate in any cycling event.  If you’re going to do any racing, touring or organized riding, you might as well get used to it.  You are also a role model for younger riders who often ride without helmets.  Cycling helmets come in a variety of forms based on features and cycling discipline.  For example, downhill mountain bike racers need a full face helmet along with additional padding on the body, elbows and knees.  Time trial specialists wear a helmet that is extremely light and aerodynamic.  Helmets vary in price based on weight and ventilation.  However, the most important feature of any helmet is that it meets the safety standards set forth by either the U.S. Department of Transportation or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Typically, helmets distributed by one of the major manufacturers such as Giro, Bell and Garneau will meet these standards.  Remember, all helmets that achieve these standards provide similar levels of protection, regardless of price.  If you are interested in additional information, visit the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute.  It is a very useful site with information on traffic safety statistics and research, helmet laws, bicycle helmet standards, new trends in helmet construction, and lots of helpful “how-to” tips.

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