Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | April 19, 2010

Cycle Log: Intensity Phase Week 12

Week 12 is the final week of my Intensity Phase.  After this, I spend the next five months focused on racing!  Here are the actual workouts with the plan for the week of April 12 to 18, 2010 (click here to download my plan for the Intensity Phase).

Week of 4/12/10 Mon Tues Wed Th Fri Sat Sun Total
Goal 1.5 SS 1.0 AR OFF 1.0 AR OFF Race 30K TT OFF 5.0
Actual 1.5 Tempo 1.0 AR OFF 1.0 AR OFF Race 30K TT OFF 5.0


I had a great last week to my Intensity Phase.  After my Tempo ride on Monday, my legs were pretty tired.  I really needed four days of rest and Active Recovery before my race on Saturday.  The 30 KM time trial was a repeat of last month’s race outside Tucson, AZ (the Colleen Wheldon-Haught Memorial Time Trials).  Clearly my training is paying off because I was a lot faster!  I beat last month’s time by well over three minutes!  My ability to climb has greatly improved.  The first half of the 18.6 mile race consists of a steady climb rising nearly 700 feet.  Not the steepest of hills but a significant challenge, especially in a time trial.  Last month, I cracked at the 6.5 mile mark and averaged 15 mph going uphill.  This time I felt strong all the way up and averaged almost 18 mph.  I completed the first half more than six minutes faster than last month!  I did tire significantly on the return trip downhill and completed the second part of the race almost three minutes slower than last month.  Nothing to worry about though, I’m still months from my peak.  I’ll post my Competition Phase Training Plan this week.

NEXT POST – April 22, 2010

My Periodized Training Program: Competition Phase


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