Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | February 22, 2010

Cycle Log: Intensity Phase Week 4

Week 4 is the first week of the second mesocycle of my Intensity Phase (click here for a detailed description of macrocyles, mesocycles and microcycles).  At this point in a periodized training program, you should be feeling stronger and faster.  The previous endurance work combined with a few weeks of high intensity training should yield noticeable results.  This is certainly the case with my training, most notably in my ability to climb.  I am much stronger going uphill now than I was a month ago. However, it is equally clear that I have a long way to go if I am to achieve the goals I set for this season (click here for my 2010 goals).  Here are the actual workouts with the plan for the week of February 15 to 21, 2010 (click here to download my plan for the Intensity Phase).

Week of 2/15/10 Mon Tues Wed Th Fri Sat Sun Total
Goal 2.75 SS 1.0 SS OFF 2.0 HI 1.0 AR 1.25 PI OFF 8.0
Actual 2.50 HC 1.0 AR OFF 2.0 HI 1.0 AR 1.25 PI OFF 7.75


I had another great week.  Monday’s Hill Climb included about 2,000 feet of climbing. My Hill Interval workout included three, 3-mile ascents up a hill that gains 450+ feet. My Pyramid Interval workout was performed indoors on my TT bike and consisted of 4 x 5:00 at lactate threshold heart rate with 5 minutes recovery between hard efforts.  I did my two Active Recovery rides on a stationary bike in the gym along with two strength training workouts.  I have another hard week coming up.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

NEXT POST – February 25, 2010

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