Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | January 22, 2010

My Periodized Training Program: Intensity Phase

     Time really does fly.  I have reached the last week of my 4-month long Endurance Phase.  This phase represents the first stage in a periodized training program (for more information on periodization, see A Periodization Primer: Macrocycles, Mesocycles and Microcycles, Periodization Tips for Cyclists, and Improve Your Cycling Performance with Periodization 1, 2 and 3).  My primary goal for this phase was to increase aerobic and muscular endurance, and I believe I have been quite successful.  My work in the Endurance Phase has prepared me for the harder work I will now do in the Intensity Phase where my goal is to increase power at lactate threshold.  This will lead to improved performance in my key races, which are Time Trials and Hill Climbs.  I have posted my 12-week Intensity Phase training program below.  As you read it, please keep a few points in mind:

  1. The training plan is composed of my High Impact Cycling Workouts.
  2. As with the Endurance Phase, I am using a 16/5, 21 day mesocycle (16 days of hard training, 5 days of recovery).  
  3. Each mesocycle consists of 5 very hard efforts (e.g., intervals, race) and at least one long ride.
  4. Training volume increases slightly as the Phase progresses, but intensity, not volume is the most significant training element.
  5. The program incorporates periodic group rides (GR).
  6. My first races of the season will take place in this Phase.  They are both 30 KM (18.6 miles) Time Trials.
  7. The hours listed on the plan are based on both indoor and outdoor riding.

Intensity Phase – 12 Week Program

NEXT POST – January 25, 2010

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