Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | December 28, 2009

Cycle Log: Endurance Phase Weeks 8 & 9

Because of my relocation from Michigan to Arizona, weeks 8 & 9 of my Endurance Phase had to be significantly modified.  You’ll notice two changes.  First, for obvious reasons, I logged fewer hours.  Second, because I had less time to train, I trained at a higher than planned intensity.  Most of my training time was in Zone 3 or higher. This is a key lesson: If you find yourself in a situation where getting training hours is difficult, focus on shorter, higher intensity rides.  This will allow you to at least maintain, and perhaps even improve your fitness.  Here are the actual workouts compared with the plan for the weeks of November 30 to December 6 and December 7 to 14, 2009 (click here to download my plan for the Endurance Phase).  The scheduled workouts included Steady Spinning, Active Recovery and one Strength Intervals workout.  However, my actual workouts included Strength Intervals, Cadence Intervals, Tempo Rides and one Active Recovery session.

Week of 11/30/09 Mon Tues Wed Th Fri Sat Sun Total
Goal OFF 2.0 SS OFF 1.25 SI 0.75 AR 2.0 SS OFF 6.0
Actual 1.0 CI OFF 1.0 SI 1.0 AR OFF 1.0 Tempo OFF 4.0
Week of 12/7/09 Mon Tues Wed Th Fri Sat Sun Total
Goal 2.0 SS 1.0 SS OFF 0.75 AR OFF 0.75 AR OFF 4.5
Actual 1.0 PB OFF 1.0 CI OFF 1.0 Tempo OFF OFF 3.0


I felt strong for all of my sessions (each workout was performed on my indoor trainer on either my Trek Madone racing bike or my Lemond Rennes Time Trial bike). Normally, this would not be a surprise because riding for only seven hours in two weeks allows for a great deal of recovery.  However, I didn’t exactly rest during the off days because we had to get ready to move our entire household 2,000 miles.  I probably burned more calories packing and discarding than I did during my cycling workouts!  In my next post you’ll see how my training regimen gets even more interesting because we have to spend a week on the road driving to our new home. As always, I’ll let you know how it goes!

NEXT POST – January 4, 2009

Cycle Log: Endurance Phase – Weeks 10 & 11


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