Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | September 21, 2009

High Impact Cycling Workout #21: Power Bursts

Greetings, remember my 20 High Impact Cycling Workouts?  Well, I have another one.  This workout, entitled Power Bursts, is going to be very important for cycling enthusiasts this time of year.  Once you recover from all of your hard riding this summer (I’ll discuss how to do this in my next post), you should focus on developing leg strength in preparation for the hard workouts you will be performing during the winter and early spring.  Power Bursts provide on-the-bike strength training.  They will help increase your leg strength and muscular endurance (ability to pedal relatively large gears).  Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up before you begin your hard efforts.  Because you will be using a very large gear, you will put a lot of stress on your knees.  If you feel knee pain at any time, stop!  Click below to download the workout and as always, have fun!

Power Bursts

NEXT POST – September 28, 2009

The End of the Cycling Season: How to Recover


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