Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | June 8, 2009

High Impact Cycling Workout #20 – Single Leg Training

In my previous 19 posts, I described a series of high impact workouts that will greatly enhance your cycling performance.  Each workout is designed to develop a particular aspect of your physiology such as aerobic endurance, neuromuscular power, muscular endurance or anaerobic capacity.  Today’s workout is somewhat different in that it will not improve your cardiovascular system.  Nor will it increase your power.  What it will do is improve your pedaling economy.  In other words, training with one leg improves your pedal stroke.  You will be able to spin more smoothly and effectively by using single leg training.   As you perform this workout, remember that your objective is to enhance your pedaling technique, not your fitness.  Use a low (easy) gear and concentrate on pedaling smoothly and in circles.  Click below to download the workout.

Single Leg Training

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