Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | May 25, 2009

High Impact Cycling Workout # 19 – Sprint Intervals: Long

In my last post, I introduced the most effective way to improve your top speed: Sprint Intervals.  Today’s workout is very similar to the Sprint Intervals (Short) workout I described last week.  The primary difference is the length of the hard effort increases from 30 seconds to one minute.  The length of the recovery period is slightly decreased as well.  This makes for an extremely tough workout because the recovery period is not long enough to facilitate total removal of the lactic acid that will build up in your legs.  Therefore, the workout will get progressively more difficult, especially when you shorten the recovery time from two minutes to one minute.  Just hang in there – this workout will really increase your fitness and performance!  Click below to download the workout.

Sprint Intervals – Long

NEXT POST – June 8, 2009

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