Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | April 9, 2009

High Impact Cycling Workout #14 – Pyramid Intervals

Today’s workout, simply entitled Pyramid Intervals, is the last Pyramid Interval session I will describe.  It differs from the first two PI workouts, Constant Cadence and Constant Gearing, in that neither cadence nor gearing is held constant during your hard efforts.   Both are manipulated to achieve the desired training effect.  This workout will increase your strength endurance (your ability to spin a big gear for an extended period of time).  Because you will be pedaling relatively large gears, it is very important to warm-up thoroughly to reduce the risk of knee injury!  Click below to download the workout. 

Pyramid Intervals

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Time Trials



  1. Very good article. Five stars!!!

  2. All the downloadable links are broken. I get an error 404 when I click on it.

  3. Hi John, thanks for letting me know. You can see the full explanation for why this is happening on my 10/15/13 blog post, My New Holmes Fitness Coaching Website (it’s because I have a brand new website).


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