Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | March 12, 2009

High Impact Cycling Workout #7 – Cadence Intervals

        Today’s workout is my first in a series of Interval WorkoutsBefore we go any further, I must caution you that interval training is an extremely strenuous form of exercise.  If you are new to cycling or not really focused on significantly improving your performance, you don’t need to perform intervals.  If you decide to perform any interval workout, I recommend you see your physician to receive medical clearance first.  Even if you are an experienced cyclist, you should have a strong aerobic base before you start interval training.  Here is my general rule of thumb: if you can’t perform a 3-hour Steady Spinning ride outdoors, you should focus on improving your aerobic endurance first, and then add interval training to your weekly regimen.  Today’s workout, Cadence Intervals, will increase your ability to spin the pedals at a high rate (100+ rpm) for extended periods of time.  It will also prepare you for the harder interval sessions to come.  Click below to download the workout.  Enjoy!

Cadence Intervals

NEXT POST – March 16, 2009

Strength Intervals


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