Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | March 2, 2009

High Impact Cycling Workout #5 – High Cadence Spinning

    Today’s workout is very similar to the cycling session described in my previous post, High Cadence Recovery.  Like that workout, High Cadence Spinning will help improve your ability to turn the pedals at a higher cadence (e.g., 100 + rpm).  In addition, because this workout is performed in Zone 2, you will also improve your aerobic endurance.  You will be performing a series of high speed ‘spin-ups’ in a relatively small (easy) gear at a cadence of 110 to 125 rpm.  Focus on maintaining good form by staying in your seat and keeping your upper body still.  This workout will be more tiring than High Cadence Recovery because you will be working in a higher Zone; however this is not a high intensity session.  You should never go above 75% of your maximum heart rate.  Click below to download the workout.  Have fun!

High Cadence Spinning

NEXT POST – March 5, 2009

Tempo Ride


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