Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | February 2, 2009

The 10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes #8 – Eliminating All “Bad” Foods

   This might surprise you, but the truth is, eating plans that eliminate all of our favorite foods never work.  It’s a recipe for binge eating.  Besides, your eating habits should not bring additional stress to your life.  Focus on eating your favorite foods less frequently and in smaller amounts.  Not on eliminating them completely.  I have two suggestions in this regard:

1.  Purchase ‘bad foods’ one at a time, not by the box.  Love cookies, doughnuts or ice cream?  That’s fine, don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods.  But instead of buying them by the dozen, purchase one at a time.  That way, you will only eat one and you won’t be tempted by the other 11 sitting in the box and calling your name!

2.  Select one ‘bad eating’ day a week for yourself.  It can be very difficult to eliminate or even reduce your favorite “bad” foods.  Try selecting one day a week where you will indulge yourself.  On this day, you get to eat the cakes, candies, cookies etc. that you avoid during the week.  Make sure you choose the same day each week and select a day where it is already hard to eat well (e.g., a day where you meet friends out for dinner).  But remember, even though it is your ‘cheat’ day, don’t overdo it!

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