Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | January 15, 2009

The 10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes #3 – Trying to Lose Weight WITHOUT Exercise

              Want to lose weight?  That’s great.  Think you are going to slim down without increasing your level of physical activity?  Not likely for two reasons.  First, to lose 1 lb. you need to incur a deficit of 3,500 calories.  In other words, you must burn off 3,500 more calories than you take in the form of food and drink. While it is possible to lose weight by simply eating less, it is much easier if you also increase your level of physical activity so you burn more calories every day.  This will allow you to lose weight more quickly and healthfully.  The good news is that increased physical activity doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym 5 days a week (but that’s fine if you want to).  Anything that gets you moving more frequently will help.  For some convenient exercise ideas, visit three earlier posts: Just How Much Exercise Do We Need, 3 Ways to Exercise without Exercising and 3 More Ways to Exercise without Exercising.   

The second problem goes back to the discussion in my two previous posts.  If you attempt to lose weight by eating less and not including exercise (particularly resistance exercise), there is a very good chance you will lose significant muscle mass along with fat.  This will lower your metabolism and in the long run, lead to weight gain!  It is also less healthy for you.  Therefore, my formula for weight loss is to eat a little less each day (150-300 calorie reduction) and to burn off an additional 250 calories via exercise.  This can be done by walking for about 40 minutes every day.  This will allow you to lose about 1 lb. per week, most of which will be body fat.

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  1. Hi your program is great and most of your tips are right on!But I must diagree with #3 that you “have “to exercise.My wife and I are on our own designed program and we have interviewd 100’s of people about weight loss and the biggest common denominator excuse is:I’ll lose the weight when I exercise or I need to go to the gym to lose weight.Whatever ,we have heard them all.In our experience it is the biggest crutch that stops people from losing weight.If the purpose of losing weight is getting healthy well goodluck because that is the biggest problem.We recommend that people concentrate only at losing weight and leave exercice out of it.When people see results and start feeling much better then let them get into exercise because they “want” to and not because they “have” to.Emotions are high when you talk about weight loss.Their are gym experts all over the world,sport outlets everywhere,personal trainers being pumped out everyday,countries talking about special taxes on obesity ect.ect.ect.and you know what?Their are more fat people and kids that are fat everyday.What’s the #1 reason according to my wife and I?The push to force people to exercise.How is it working?Terrible.Everything in your program is great but exercise will make people not even listen. Just look at Oprah,you know what she hates to exercise and blames her lack of continued succes on her inability to be consistant in her exercising.That’s the main excuse.Take that excuse away from her and you will begin to see what the real problems are.And she is surrounded by “the best”?Why can’t they help her?Sorry.Pierre

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