Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | July 11, 2008

3 More Ways to Exercise without Exercising

     Greetings – in my last post, I described 3 ways we can increase our physical activity without staring a formal exercise program.  These included buying a pedometer, parking your car far from your destination on a regular basis, and participating in charity walks.  Today, I have 3 more ways for you to exercise without exercising:

1.  Become a stair climber.  Walk up and down stairs as much as possible.  You can do this at work, at the mall, when visiting your doctor’s office, in a parking garage, at shows and sporting events, or any other time you are in a multistory building.  Simply get in the habit of taking the stairs instead of riding an elevator or escalator.  If you have trouble walking up stairs, you can still gain a significant health benefit by walking down the stairs.  In addition to the cardiovascular advantages, stair climbing is an excellent way to burn calories.  A 150 lb. person will burn approximately 275 calories during 30 minutes of stair climbing (running up stairs will burn more than 500, but that’s probably exercising with exercise).  Try setting a goal for yourself such as taking five flights of stairs every day.

2.  Learn how to dance.  Dance lessons are a great way to increase your physical activity, have a lot of fun and impress your friends (only if you become a really good dancer)!  It doesn’t matter what type of dance you learn.  Whether you choose ballroom, tap, salsa, swing, line, street or square dancing you will get a great workout.  It’s an excellent way to meet new people and make friends.  It’s also another good way to burn calories.  A 150 lb. person will burn about 190 calories during 30 minutes of ballroom dancing.

3.  Play with your children.  Get out and play with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins.  When it comes to physical activity, it doesn’t matter.  Just find out what they like to do and get involved.  Chances are, some of their favorite activities will include movement so you can obtain the benefit of increased activity while spending time with your loved ones.  If the kids are still infants, that’s fine too.  Push them around in the stroller on a daily basis.  

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  1. Solid points. When I was recovering from my car accident, I had to find ways to work out with the ‘hard’ work out. Using the pedometer is a great start as suggested.

  2. oops, the line “I had to find ways to work out with the ‘hard’ work out.”should read:

    I had to find ways to work out without the ‘hard’ work out.

  3. […] 3 More Ways to Exercise without Exercising […]

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