Posted by: Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes | July 8, 2008

3 Ways to Exercise without Exercising

     Greetings, in my last post, I described the 2007 Physical Activity Recommendations and introduced the concept of ‘exercise without exercising’.  This can be a great way for people with severe time limitations (or those who just don’t like to exercise) to meet those Physical Activity Recommendations.  I have 3 more ways for you to exercise without exercising.   

1.  Buy a Pedometer.  A pedometer is an inexpensive device that clips on your belt and counts the number of steps you take during the day.  It allows you to accurately determine the number of miles you walk.  However, the real value of a pedometer lies in its ‘motivational effect’.  Knowing how many miles you are walking can serve as a great motivation to increase your daily walking distance.  For added incentive, you can start a ‘walking group’ that gets together to compare mileage on a regular basis.

2.  Park your car far from your destination on a regular basis.  Have you ever spent 20 minutes driving around looking for a close-up parking spot?  Almost all of us have, and many of us continue to do so on a daily basis.  A better idea is to get in the habit of parking far from your destination and walking the extra distance.  For example, park far away from your entrance at work, at the mall and when you go food shopping.  This will allow you to get exercise during your normal daily activities.

3.  Participate in a charity walk or walkathon.  This is a great way to increase your physical activity, contribute to a great cause, and have a wonderful time with friends and family.  Charity walks are not competitive, but are fun, highly social events where participants walk at a conversational pace with their friends.  You don’t have to worry about being in great shape because there are walks of varying distances.  Organizations such as the American Heart Association and the March of Dimes put on walking, running and cycling events on a regular basis.  For example, you can visit the AHA website at and click on the “Ways to Help” tab to get information on walkathons.  Visit to get information on their March for Babies.  The American Cancer Society and Easter Seals also sponsor charity walks, along with many other organizations.

In my next post, I will describe additional ways you can ‘exercise without exercising’. 

NEXT POST: July 11, 2008


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